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    InterkasaMU is a OldSchool Clasic Season 2 + Season 3 Server.
with 15x Experience for Solo and 20x For Party Full,22x For Party Perfect.
He have a lot of New Events & Usefull Custom
Join today and enjoy a real Play2Win MuOnline Server

Tipsy Johny Quest

    Tipsy Johny Quest is located in Lorencia behind bar.
He have a lot of reward for you, new jewels,GEMs,other items
Everytime you can finish this quest and take reward
You can use /tipsyreset for start quest from begin every 5 Resets!
No [No]Monster to kill Location Reward
1 [10]Spider
190 113
1 Jewel of Chaos
2 [10]Chain Scorpion
152 115
3 [10]Hommerd
239 162
1 Jewel of Bless
4 [10]Larva
106 202
5 [15]Poison Shadow
197 100
Losttower 1
1 Jewel of Soul
6 [15]Great Bahamut 240 10
Atlans 2
7 [15]Silver Valkyrie 168 108
Atlans 3
1 Jewel of Life
8 [25]Death Cow 107 169
Losttower 3
9 [15]Silver Valkyrie 168 108
Atlans 3
1 Jewel of Creation
10 Death Knight 130 33
Losttower 3
11 GEM
11 [10]Balrog 7 239
Losttower 7
1 Jewel of Mystical
12 [15]Blody Wolf 134 16
11 GEM
13 [15]Death Tree 112 120
10 Jewel of Chaos
14 [20]Tantalos 87 120
10 Jewel of Bless
15 [20]Alquamos 15 40
15 GEM
16 [20]Queen Ranier 239 126
1 Jewel of Skill
17 [20]Phantom Knight 215 215
17 GEM
18 [2]Red Dragon Random 10 Jewel of Soul
19 [20]Bali 97 99
19 GEM
20 [5]White Wizzard Ork Random 1 Jewel of Luck
21 [20]Splinter Wolf 44 232
Kanturu 1
21 GEM
22 [1] White Wizzard Random 1 Jewel of Level
23 [20]Fire Golem 30 39
23 GEM
24 [2]Golden Lizard King(bok+4) Random
1 Jewel of Excelent
25 [20]Blue Golem 198 73
Aida 2
25 GEM
26 [1]Boss Pan Carnage Event 1 Super Box
27 [20]Persona 97 88
Katuru Ruin
27 GEM
28 [3]Golden Tantalos(bok+5) Random
1 Jewel of Ancient
29 [20]Necron Random
Kalima 6
40 GEM
30 [1] Black Rabbit Random 1 Jewel of Element

Leo The Helper Quest

    Leo the Helper is located in Lorencia behind bar.
He have a lot of quest for you for Zen and Status Points
Status Points will keep after /reset ,extra stats
Everytime you can finish this quest and take reward
You can use /leoreset for start quest from begin every 3 Resets
No [No]Monster to kill Location Reward
1 [5]Budge Dragon
190 113
1.000.000 Zen
2 [5]Giant
25 43
10 AddPoint
3 [7]Stone Golem
217 132
2.000.000 Zen
4 [7]Goblin
151 113
13 AddPoint
5 [9]Assasin
59 9
3.000.000 Zen
6 [9]Ice Monster 106 239
16 AddPoint
7 [9]Elite Yeti 216 215
4.000.000 Zen
8 [11]Larva 106 202
19 AddPoint
9 [13]Vepar 25 44
5.000.000 Zen
10 [13]Great Bahamut 240 10
Atlans 2
22 AddPoint
11 [13]Great Bahamut 240 10
Atlans 2
6.000.000 Zen
12 [15]Shadow 197 100
LostTower 1
25 AddPoint
13 [15]Death Knight 130 32
LostTower 5
7.000.000 Zen
14 [15]Death Knight 130 32
LostTower 5
28 AddPoint
15 [15]Devil 53 91
LostTower 7
8.000.000 Zen
16 [17]Mutant 136 49
31 AddPoint
17 [17]Iron Wheel 36 85
10.000.000 Zen
18 [17]Alquamos 93 66
34 AddPoint
19 [17]Mega Crust 93 66
12.000.000 Zen
20 [19]Forest Ork 153 42
37 AddPoint
21 [19]Blue Golem 198 73
Aida 2
16.000.000 Zen
22 [21]Hammer Scot 205 43
45 AddPoint
23 [2]Golden Guardian(Bok+2)Helper Random
23 GEM
24 [1]White Rabbit Ying Yang Event
90 AddPoint

Blood Castle

    Blood Castle is an event where players must recover a fallen angel's weapon at the end of the castle. Players in the event progress through different stages of the castle including killing a certain amount of monsters and destroying a gate and a statue. When the statue is destroyed, the fallen angel's weapon will be recovered and should be returned to the fallen angel. Once it is returned, the player who returned it will be rewarded with one Jewels of Luck for each member from party

Item Requiered for Mix


Devil Spuare

    Devil Square can be entered by talking to Charon It is divided into either four or seven different stages. The stage that a character must enter depends on its level. Once this event starts, many monsters will continually spawn and slowly wander around aimlessly. The goal of this event is to survive for 20 minutes while killing monsters to score points and obtain experience.

Item Requiered for Mix


Chaos Castle

    Chaos Castle is an event where all the competing players are placed against each other along with some monsters in a free-for-all deathmatch. To enter, an armor of the guard must be purchased from a shop. When a notice appears that Chaos Castle is about to start, you can click on the armor and it will send you to Chaos Castle. You must pay a fee to enter, depending on your level. Before Chaos Castle starts, a random competitor would be awarded all the fee the players paid to enter this event. All of the participating players will appear to be wearing the same armor, and each class will appear to be wielding identical weapons, but their inventories won't actually be altered in any way. Notice that players may wear their wings but have to get in without driving a pet. Once Chaos Castle has started, it will fill up with look-alike monsters until it contains 100 characters. Some of this monsters are traps which explodes when killed, killing players near it. Monsters also drops jewels upon death. While the players are fighting, the castle will start to perish and break up from the sides, doing so until there are only around six player squares left. In order to complete the event, a player must survive through the event and eliminate all of the other participants. The winner will receive a Jewel of Life or Jewel of Creation or BOK+5 or a very slight chance of getting an Ancient item.

Item Requiered for Join


White Wizzard

    White Wizzard is an events where a giant wizard and an army of orcs appear at random locations in Devias, Noria and Lorencia. Killing the White Wizard earns you a Jewel of Bless and having your name displayed on the screen. Orcs may drop either 100,000 zen or the Ring of Wizard, which increases attack speed and damage.

Ring Of Wizzard & 10 GEM

Golden Invasion

    Golden Invasion every 6 hours appear random Lorencia ,Noria or Devias. Golden helper reward 2 GEM + 1 Stone, when you collect 5 stone you can get a excelent items in Devias Church at Golden Archer

Box of Kundum + 5 GEM

Red Dragon Invasion

    Red Dragon Invasion every 3 hours appear random Lorencia ,Noria or Devias.

Jewel of Bless/Soul/Mystical

Skeleton King

    Skeleton king appear random Lorencia or Noria

Bounch of Soul/Bless/Life

Balgass Event

    Balgass EventCrywolf fortress is located in the south parts of the Valley of Loren. It is one of the front lines in the war between the human forces with the elfs against the Kundun army. The fortress has a rough geographical position but is a significant barrier in the war and a very big key point in the strategy.Since the Kundun forces have not reached the north parts,due to the bravery of the warriors fighting in Crywolf,Kundun has dispatched his most trusted warrior Balgass and has ordered Lemuria do dispatch troops to overthrow the allied forces and take over Crywolf fortress.Their target is the Wolf statue in Crywolf because it is of holly origins.

Items 380/New

Carnage Event

    Carnage Event its a PvM event.Enterance is located in Lorencia and you need Carnage Ticket to enter.

Items Excelent / Ancient

Mystic Solider Event

    Mystic Solider Event this is landing in one of the initial locations (Lorencia, Devias, Noria)
- a lot of protection and the boss, with a victory that can give you a stone designed for sharpening jewelry

Jewel of Mystical & 10 GEM

BOK+6(Gigant Golden Dragon)

    BOK+6(Gigant Golden Dragon) This is an event where gigant gold dragon, trying to capture the continent, attack the Kanturu city of the world MU Online. Your mission is to kill him and get a box of Kundun Box+6 from which to drop Very Special Excellent things.(380 Items+New) This dragon appear in the same time with golden invasion

Box Of Kundum+6 & 10 GEM


    HappyHour,when Happy Hour start you get a bonus of experience with + 10x for 1 hour. You must to be active for make level faster when this event is running.

+ 10x Experience

Rumble Attack

    Rumble Attack,this event starting in head cities Lorencia .A big , huge monster Rumble starting walking in cities. Your mission is to kill him and get a special jewel or zen.
Jewel of Exelent - adds options randomly (1 option),maxim 3 options Jewel of Element - make normal item to excelent,or ancient to godlike

Jewel of Exelent/Jewel of Element/Zen & 10 GEM

Interkasa Event

    Interkasa Event,this event starting in 2 towns. The mistery spirit of illusion bless monster from Losttower & Atlans Your mission is to attack on spot and to use /pickup 14 95 , to pickup Interkasa Boxes
Interkasa Box - You receive random good jewels from interkasa box you can get zen,gem,item or nothing! Use /itkbox to open this box!

New Jewel,Zen,GEM or Nothing

Lord Attack Event

    Lord Attack,This is landing in one of the colder map ,Devias. Very strong BOSS,with big power , a victory that can give you a unique item with 3 options. You Need to be stronger then boss to damage him,hi have a big reflect and defense.

380/New Weapons/Sheilds & 10 GEM with 3 options


    AutoDrop,is start everyday. God praie the sky of Lorencia and give some rewards.
This event invite you to Lorencia, to pick up box of Kundun for free
You can get Bok 1-3 and Other Jewels reward is random!


Special Kundum

    Special Kundum Attack Town! Kundum is the boss who is at the end of Kalima 7, but now he comes to Lorencia head gates.Very strong and powerfull. He has a special skill that after 20 seconds you can not do damage to him, while restoring his health, so it's sometimes not very easy to kill him. After his murder, you can drop item godlike/uber(Ancient+Excelent).

GodLike(uber) Items(Anc+Exc) & 10 GEM

Yin Yang Event

    Yin Yang Rabbit Event,At this event 10 bad black rabbit and 10 good white rabbit attack Devias every some hours. Forces of Good and Evil fight on the old continent of Devias. If you kill this rabbit you get Ying Yang Egg +3 GEM.

Jewels,ChaosCard,SuperBox & 3 GEM

The Last PvP

    The Last PvP,in this event you can try your powerfull and fight skills , with other users/players of our MU online . there is a special PVP arena in which you can freely kill other players , without being afraid to become a phonoman. The last who standing in life get reward . For registration need to write /lastpvp in chat when event prepare to start.

1 New/380 Item + 50 GEM


    Lottery NPC,the game has the NPC Loterry (Davias), in case of luck for 1.000.000 Zen you can buy well-honed weapons.

Items Neexc +6 - +10

Lottery NUMBER

    Lottery NUMBER is a random event, everytime start at 18:00,server autopick a number between 1-30. You can buy only 1 ticket per day and cost 20 GEM . For registration need to write “/lotto (your choose number between 1-30)” , for example “/lotto 13” .Final price its Number of players who buy a ticket * 20 GEMS. For example if today nobody win faward cumulate for next day.You can see live statistics about price and number ,here on website on Statistics.


Scramble Event

    Scramble Event,on this event ,you can join from your location . Our system offer you different letter mixed ( about Mu online items ) , your aim to makes word , and write them correct in post – as fast , as you can, for get reward. Reward is 2 GEM & 2 Credits for each correct answer.


/pet Command

    /pet command,In the game there are mobs - mercenaries They can be summoned, to their own care, by any character. Called by simple writing /pet between 1-5. To call it is required Jewel of Chaos and a little zen. Everytime when you get experiente,your pet get too. First for summon pet you need to write /pet 1, When pet reach level 50 you can evolve in /pet 2,from 50 in 50 levels everytime your pet evolve

Help you to kill monster

/pickup Command

    /pickup x y,You can pickup all items from monster,for example :.Jewels,boxes and what items you want to get from drop. X= item category , y = item code, you can find the list with itemscode on forum. You can use also /pickanc command for pick ancient in Land of Trials You can use also /picklist for check,what you select to pickup For clear picklist ,you can also can use /pickclear for clear list
For example
/pickup 14 14 -> Soul
/pickup 14 13 ->bless
/pickup 14 16 -> life.

Help you to pickup items

AutoFind Event

    AutoFind Event,its a auto find event you must find NPC Drink Seller Lindsey and click to him and you win a random reward,Evangelion Appear 3 times durring event Lorencia,after someone find it in Lorencia appear in Noria,after someone find it in Noria appear in the last city,in Devias

Random jewels

Currently this is only one server.